We absolutely love the new platform and the guy who put it together was awesome and so nice! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone!


Rachel Matuson

Thank you so much for everything. It looks like they will be starting to dig our pool by next week.
My backyard is shaping up as the retreat I was looking for.

Great work.
Kind regards,

Tori, Your guys did a first class job.

Robert Colyer

Being a new resident to Jax, I perused several websites to get an idea of scope of projects done by various vendors. I interviewed several and also contacted referrals before deciding to do more investigation with Ashcraft. Tori worked with me, giving her advice, experience and perspective starting before I even owned the property--without obligation.
Many months later we worked together to come up with the final design (there were several along the way) and she was right on target about how long it would take to get the permit, which she handled. Work commenced shortly thereafter. That's when Jimmy and his crew came in and performed excellently. The work was completed late summer 2013, but there's still a little more I want to add to the trim out at a later date.
Of course I spent more than $1 on this! This is a quality company doing high quality work. If you want cheap go some other place. But if you want top quality advice, design and dock construction at what appeared to be a fair price, then the Value you get from Ashcraft seems unbeatable. I did not shop quotes.

Bob Breidert

Just wanted to thank you and your employees for our beautiful dock! I have to admit I was kinda of lonely today with no one in my backyard. I really appreciate all the details that made the finish product a first class structure. Perhaps if I drown it in Spray Net Ultimate Hold hairspray it will last forever!

Marjorie Morales


Thanks so much for your services/inspection. You are obviously very knowledgeable and good at your profession. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to assist me. I would recommend you highly to anyone. Hopefully you can build a dock for me one day. Thanks again!

Lou Frost

You folks did such a great job and we are really pleased with your work. The dock looks great! We love the gradual slope, and the build-out is perfect! I was thinking it was going to be a stand-alone piece, but this is much better; nobody will get their feet wet or muddy. Thanks again for your great work. We would gladly recommend you to anyone who needs marine construction work done!

Jim & Kathy Clower

"We first used Jimmy and Tori Ashcraft in 1982 to install a new dock and riverside deck at our new home on the St. Johns River. We most recently used them in March, 2013, to do some fine tuning on the replacement dock they installed at the same home in 2011. Over this 31 year period, they have helped us numerous times for general maintenance items, and to install or upgrade boat lifts, repair storm damage and reinforce our bulkhead. In every instance, they have been courteous and responsive, timely in submitting their bid and efficient in completing the job within budget. There are no surprises with Ashcraft Marine. They do what they say, when they say and for the cost they estimated. I recommend them very highly."

Ellis Zahra

I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job they did installing our bulkhead. Just visually it is very apparent that the new bulkhead is so much stronger and sturdier than the old one. Then to have it finished off so nicely with the dirt spread and the walkway cap so professionally done, we are so glad that our neighbors recommended you to us. Even using stainless steel screws and bolts instead of the typical galvanized is further evidence of your attention to detail and quality. Your crew are very hard working individuals, and so accommodating and nice. While they certainly know their trade well, they also displayed good values in their work by ensuring good communication and presentation of the area after each day’s completion. I still remember when we had our last bulkhead being put in, Dot Smith next door or as I knew her Ms. Dot, told us that, that is not Tori Ashcraft’s crew doing your work and we should only use you to get the best job done. She sure was right which is why we were willing to wait until you could fit us into your schedule. Thank you again and please let your crew know that we appreciate the work they did for us.

Rich & Patti Alfirevic

"After building our dream house we needed to build a dock and boat house on our new property. All of my neighbors used a local marine dock builder. Knowing that all dock builders are not created equal I got several bids and after careful evaluation it was clear that Ashcraft Marine stood head and shoulders above the rest. They cost a little more but it soon became evident why. The quality of materials used were dramatically different. Ashcraft was using much longer pilings, heavier and larger lumber, larger nuts and bolts, and better construction techniques. A truss roof instead of two by fours and the list goes on. 7 years later.... My neighbors docks are all leaning. Walkways are leaning due to sinking pilings and their boat house roofs are problematic. Mine? Everything is as good as the day it was built using far better materials and workmanship. In addition, Tori’s layout and utilization of space on my dock is much better than the neighbors. I had to wait for Ashcraft while other builders had immediate availability but that told me that the company that I wanted was in demand. If you want quality and a dock and boathouse that will be done with outstanding craftsmanship and the best materials, then Ashcraft is who I would recommend every time."

Maggie and Todd Keller