Tori, I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job they did installing our bulkhead. Just visually it is very apparent that the new bulkhead is so much stronger and sturdier than the old one. Then to have it finished off so nicely with the dirt spread and the walkway cap so professionally done, we are so glad that our neighbors recommended you to us. Even using stainless steel screws and bolts instead of the typical galvanized is further evidence of your attention to detail and quality. Your crew are very hard working individuals, and so accommodating and nice. While they certainly know their trade well, they also displayed good values in their work by ensuring good communication and presentation of the area after each day’s completion. I still remember when we had our last bulkhead being put in, Dot Smith next door or as I knew her Ms. Dot, told us that, that is not Tori Ashcraft’s crew doing your work and we should only use you to get the best job done. She sure was right which is why we were willing to wait until you could fit us into your schedule. Thank you again and please let your crew know that we appreciate the work they did for us. Rich & Patti Alfirevic