"After building our dream house we needed to build a dock and boat house on our new property. All of my neighbors used a local marine dock builder. Knowing that all dock builders are not created equal I got several bids and after careful evaluation it was clear that Ashcraft Marine stood head and shoulders above the rest. They cost a little more but it soon became evident why. The quality of materials used were dramatically different. Ashcraft was using much longer pilings, heavier and larger lumber, larger nuts and bolts, and better construction techniques. A truss roof instead of two by fours and the list goes on. 7 years later.... My neighbors docks are all leaning. Walkways are leaning due to sinking pilings and their boat house roofs are problematic. Mine? Everything is as good as the day it was built using far better materials and workmanship. In addition, Tori’s layout and utilization of space on my dock is much better than the neighbors. I had to wait for Ashcraft while other builders had immediate availability but that told me that the company that I wanted was in demand. If you want quality and a dock and boathouse that will be done with outstanding craftsmanship and the best materials, then Ashcraft is who I would recommend every time." Maggie and Todd Keller